October 7, 2019


I’m so old, I can remember back to when the Babylon Bee was still satire, before morphing into America’s Paper of Record.

Or as this Human Events article by Ian Miles Cheong concludes, “Ironically, the media is behaving very much like how the Joker would were he an institution. The Joker is a free radical, a force of nature that sows chaos and discord wherever he goes—and benefits from it. Just like the Joker, the Fourth Estate is operating as a force unto its own, creating its own narratives about dangers to society, and then reporting on those dangers after they manifest—all for the sake of views, clicks, and engagement metrics on a quarterly sheet. Joker will cause incel violence, they argue, and then goad the violence: ‘hey, incels, don’t do anything violent. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you did, and we gave you the infamy you wanted all along?’”

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