October 7, 2019

CLARICE FELDMAN: Mr. Trump Goes To Washington.

Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who changed the rules governing “whistleblowing” to accommodate this hearsay gossip, will rue the day he did this. He said he was unaware that the “whistleblower,” reportedly a CIA functionary assigned to the White House years ago where he worked with anti-Trump Ukrainians to stop Trump and who has not worked there for two or three years, had first talked to congressional staff. He was unaware of it, perhaps because the whistleblower complaint form asks if he had previously told anyone, including congressional staff, about this and lied about that, subjecting himself to possible felony charges. Moreover, allowing in such unsubstantiated gossip by a liar who had no firsthand knowledge of the substance of the complaint will only unleash a flood of these baseless charges, tying up more government resources on nonsense.

At every juncture, the people who we were told to regard as dedicated apolitical professionals holding the line against Trump’s madness have turned out to be crazed partisan hacks of limited competence. I’m beginning to think that much (most?) of our government is made up of crazed partisan hacks of limited competence.

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