October 5, 2019

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN: The Beatles’ Abbey Road Is UK’s No. 1 Again, 49 Years & 252 Days Later.

The remixed MP3s certainly sound great on my Bose headphones. There’s quite a bit more bottom end (which ought to make the two surviving Beatles — their drummer and bassist — happy), as recordings made in the LP era had to limit bass frequencies to prevent the needle from skipping on LPs.

This Sound on Sound article on the remixed version of Sgt. Pepper from 2017 gives a sense of what George Martin’s son, Giles Martin, and his engineers go through to rework the new editions. And next year should be a real treat, as the remixed version of Let It Be (recorded before Abbey Road in 1969, but not released until the following year) will be accompanied by both the original documentary (which has been off the home media market since the early 1980s — the days of VHS tape and laser discs) and a new reworked “happy ending” documentary assembled by Lord of the Rings superstar director Peter Jackson.

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