September 19, 2019

WHITE SUPREMACY IS ALWAYS DESCENDING ON TRUMP, YET LANDING ON TRUDEAU: “Video shows Trudeau in blackface in 3rd instance of racist makeup.”

As Allahpundit tweets, “Does Trudeau wear blackface … casually? Like, does he unwind after a hard day at work by pouring himself a drink and dabbing on a little shoe polish?”

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Meanwhile, Andy Ngo notes that “At a press conference in Winnipeg, Justin Trudeau connects his black/brown face scandal to Canada’s issues with ‘systemic racism.'”

As the late Charles Krauthammer perceptively noted in mid-2009, after Obama’s infamous “beer summit” with Cambridge police Sergeant James Crowley, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Joe Biden:

It was a classic example of the Obama style. Here, he starts out by making the mistake — he accuses the cops of acting stupidly. It’s an instinctive sort of a prejudice against the cops and in favor of a professor. If you’re a professor like him, if you live in academia the way he did, it’s sort of an instinctual response. He realized immediately it’s a mistake and what he does is he tries to act the philosopher or a king and he rises above it and he says, “and now we’re going to teach the nation,” whereas he was the one who made the mistake.

It’s the same way with the Philadelphia race speech [in 2008]. It was discovered of course in the campaign that he had had a gaffe of 20 years by being in the church of a raving racist, Jeremiah Wright. And then [Obama] gives a speech which essentially scolds everyone, including his own grandmother, of latent racism — except himself — and he rises above it. He says [it’s] “a teachable moment,” and he gives his speech that had the liberals feeling thrills up their leg and comparing it to Lincoln at Cooper Union. It’s a clever pose but I think it wears thin. [Obama] makes mistakes like others. They’re [the] usual instinctive liberal mistakes, and then he pretends that he’s going to now teach us about this. I found it slightly annoying and I wonder if the rest of the nation over time won’t also slightly annoying.

And when I went looking for that quote, I found it — in a post on Ralph Northam (D-VA) defending himself over his own blackface scandal in February, to which I added:

As with Obama before him, Northam has dramatically accelerated the process of casting off his personal guilt onto the populous at large. Though unlike Obama, Northam lacks the undying love of the DNC-MSM, which is why he’s running a much more personally high stakes game in the hopes that this tactic will save his hide.

Well, we all know how that played itself out, so the same will likely be true of Prime Minister Zoolander.

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