September 17, 2019

REPUBLICANS SEIZE! New York Times Reporters Complain Their Reporting On Kavanaugh Has Been ‘Seized’ For Politics.

Pogrebrin said as a reporter she “seeks the facts and puts them out there,”* which is of course exactly the opposite of what happened with the concealed facts in her New York Times book excerpt.

Again, she complained that “people have seized on certain things and magnified them for their own purposes,” in response to the question of whether these allegations are an impeachable offense. “It’s fine to have a series of Democratic candidates calling for impeachment, but that was before the book came out,” she said.

Essentially, in a great twist of irony, the picture that Pogrebrin and Kelly begin to paint throughout the interview is that they are also victims of the political outrage mob. “It’s a rush to judgement and I feel like we are living out right here, right now at this table, a version of the kind of vortex and the problems that we are writing about,” Kelly said.

Exit quote: “Kelly compares sitting in ‘The View’s’ hot seat under the scrutiny of their deceitfully inaccurate work to that of the unsubstantiated allegations made against Kavanaugh last fall that almost denied him a seat on the Supreme Court. Their confidence is admirable.”

Find someone who loves you as much as a New York Times journalist loves herself.

* According to the Politico, it was Pogrebrin who wrote the now infamous tweet, “Having a penis thrust in your face at a drunken dorm party may seem like harmless fun,” which the Times Twitter feed published on Saturday night and then deleted once the backlash began.

UPDATE: Pogrebin and Kelly: It Was Totes Our Editor Who Accidentally Removed the Disclosure That The “Victim” Denies Max Stier’s Claim. Also Pogrebin and Kelly: Oh Yeah, We Also “Accidentally” Forgot to Mention This In Our NPR Puff-Piece, Too.

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