September 17, 2019

NEW YORK SUN: Susan Collins’ Profile in Courage: A Historic Battle Is Underway in Maine.

As the Democrats vent their election year fury on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, they are pouring a fortune — millions — into a campaign to defeat Senator Susan Collins of Maine. They are blaming her for Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation, which the Senate’s most distinguished woman secured in the extraordinary speech announcing her decision to back the Justice.

Go for it, we say — it’ll only help Ms. Collins. That’s because attacking the Senator over Justice Kavanaugh will draw attention to, in her speech, one of the great teaching moments in the history of the Senate. At the time we called it “more than a profile in courage.” On top of that, we said, it was a “profile in substance.” The Maine Republican met the Democrats’ demagoguery with reason.

What riveted us at the time was what we called the senator’s “fidelity to fairness.” She declared that the confirmation process had become not only “dysfunctional” but also “a caricature of a gutter-level political campaign.” She laced into those who’d declared against Judge Kavanaugh even before the hearings, including some who had declared against him before his name was even announced.

The gutter-level campaign launched in the Senate against Justice Kavanaugh, though, had nothing like the nihilism of the attack just launched by the New York Times. The best deconstruction of it that we encountered is the National Review’s piece about what the Times turned up — hearsay by an accuser about an accusation the victim isn’t making from two generations ago.

Crazy and mean is no way to go through life, but it’s the approach the Democrats have chosen.

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