September 13, 2019

JON CALDERA: Denver’s Airbnb rules intolerant to property rights, freedom of association.

When I see one, I have two contradictory thoughts: What an eyesore, and why can’t I live there?

Living next to loud neighbors isn’t much fun. So, it is easy to understand the frustration some have living next to an Airbnb rental.

Most short-term rental guests are just fine until they rent a house or condo for a weekend bachelor party or a marathon session of “cannabis tourism.”

But the City of Denver’s little jihad against fledgling entrepreneurs, like those who do short-term rentals of their property, isn’t about noisy guests. It’s about control, limiting choice and stopping free association.

There’s a word for a political system under which people are allowed a veneer of property rights, but in which unaccountable government actually calls the shots.

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