September 11, 2019

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: When My Life Is on the Line, I Want the Most Competent Doctors, Not the Ones Approved by the SJW Mob.

In 2018, Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital joined the in-crowd, declaring their state of wokeness to the world by removing all traces of old white guys from its hallowed halls. These white guys (and one Chinese guy) were retired department chairs and contributors to the hospital’s long history. Their gold-framed portraits on the walls served as a reminder to the students of color that they are not properly represented, or something.

“[The portraits] mirror the other images around the school and other universities. I almost expected to see that,” said Titilayo Afolabi, a first-year student, adding that “it’s easy to remove people from the wall. It’s more difficult putting people of color in power.”

“It’s easy to remove people from the wall.” Winston Smith couldn’t have said it better.

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