September 11, 2019

JUST NBC THE MOBIUS LOOP: NBC Announces New ‘Climate Unit’ and ‘Climate in Crisis’ Series.

As opposed to the fall of 2007, when NBC’s Sunday Night Football said that the climate was so bad, we all had turn off our light bulbs. (Except for the billions of watts of klieg lights illuminating the NFL stadium in Philadelphia. And, err, the lighted Toyota sign, since they were sponsoring SNF.)

And 1990, at an environmental conference in Washington, when NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said, “clearly the networks have made the decision now, where you’d have to call it advocacy.”

But I thought in 2008 was “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” And so does the man who uttered those words! Unless, as Steve quipped in late August: Obama Blows $15 Million on Mansion Doomed by Rising Tides He Failed to Slow.

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