September 10, 2019


As one would expect, Pompeo and Mnuchin defended the president. “The president is entitled to the staff he wants,” Pompeo said. Pompeo admitted there were “many times” he and Bolton disagreed but added, “that’s true of a lot of people I interacted with.” According to the original notice Bolton was supposed to be at the press briefing motivating a reporter to ask if they were blindsided by Bolton’s departure, Pompeo drew laughter with his answer, “I am never surprised.”

Generally, the two avoided specifics about Bolton’s departure, leaving it to the President or Press Secretary to dive into that pool.

Finally, they called on Jim it’s all about me Acosta.

“Is the national security team a mess?” CNN’s Jim Acosta asked.

“Absolutely not. That’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard of,” Mnuchin snapped. He continued. “Let me say the National Security Team which is what you asked consists of The National Security Advisor, the Secretary Of Defense, Secretary Of State, myself, Chief Of Staff and many others.”

Which is polite Mnuchin speak for; What? Are you a freaking moron?

As with the late Helen Thomas before him, Acosta basically exists for dunking practice by GOP administrations.

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