September 11, 2019

NO ENEMIES TO THE LEFT: PinkNews does massive disservice to LGBT community by supporting Jessica Yaniv.

When Canadian “trans activist” Jessica Yaniv forced into existence an international controversy by trying to weaponize Canadian law to force female estheticians to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia, multiple allegations of Yaniv’s past inappropriate sexual behaviour with young girls began to surface. The Post Millennial published multiple exclusive interviews with Yaniv’s various accusers including an account from a young woman who claimed that Yaniv tried to share child porn with her when she was only 14, and an interview with a young woman who provided screenshots of several disturbing Facebook messenger conversations with Yaniv, including one in which Yaniv asked the 15-year-old for a picture of her used tampon.

When these allegations came to light, YouTuber Blaire White was among the first to bring attention to the situation. Being a trans woman herself, White expressed both concern for Yaniv’s alleged victims and potential future victims, but also for the transgender community. White feared that Yaniv’s attempt to characterize her predatory behaviour as part of her transgender identity would be detrimental to the transgender community.

White’s concerns were not at all off-base. From the beginning of the Yaniv saga, PinkNews was there to tell the story of Jessica Yaniv: misunderstood trans activist.

“Internet bully and sexual predator” is more like it.

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