September 4, 2019

DAVID HARSANYI: Dems Propose First Gun Grab Since Lexington And Concord.

As I recall, Lexington and Concord didn’t go quite as planned for the would-be gun-grabbers:

What Democrats propose can be more accurately described as “the first American gun confiscation effort since Lexington and Concord,” or some variation on that theme. Although tax dollars will be meted out in an effort to incentivize volunteers, the policy is to confiscate AR-15s, the vast majority of which have been legally purchased by Americans who have undergone background checks and never used a gun for a criminal purpose.

The “mandatory gun buyback” exemplifies the impracticality and absurdity of do-somethingism (although Biden’s proposal to ban “magazines that hold bullets”—so most guns—is also a contender!). Democrats are ready to instantaneously turn millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight for refusing to adhere to a law that retroactively transformed the exercise of a constitutional right into criminality.

And they do it without any evidence that it would curtail rare mass shootings or save lives.

As I wrote last week, “mandatory buy-back” is just newspeak for “confiscation with a little sweetener.”

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