September 3, 2019

BLOOMBERG “REPORTER” (FOR NOW) BEN PENN: Hey, Don’t Overlook The Fact That I Took Out an Official Pushing Deregulation. As Ace of Spades writes:

Virtually a confession that he ran this garbage as a political hit.

Lost in all of this is that Olson was part of a team of political appointees tasked with the heavy lift of drafting wage-hour regulations that are high priorities for Trump White House, business community. They’re now down one adviser.

How can you read that as anything other than saying, “You should support me, even if I lied, because I got a scalp for the left”?

And Michael Bloomberg’s namesake media empire does! Statement From Bloomberg: ‘We stand behind’ Ben Penn’s despicable smear job on Leif Olson.

“Unexpectedly,” as they used to say at Bloomberg, whenever bad economic news happened on Obama’s watch.

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