August 25, 2019

LINDA SARSOUR RESPONDS–STILL LYING: Earlier, I noted that Sarsour had tweeted that “right-wing Zionists” were hanging out with KKKers who were holding Confederate flags protesting a speech she gave in March. Here and on Twitter, I presented photos and video of the event that showed no sign of any KKKers or Confederate flags (much less both!), and noted that she had once again shown herself to be a lying antisemite. Here is Sarsour’s response on Twitter:

You don’t have to be especially astute to notice that while there is one guy holding a Trump flag, one guy holding a Betsy Ross and Gadsen flag, several Israeli flags, several modern American flags, several Christian flags (utterly mainstream), and one guy with an “Armed infidel” flag, there are no Confederate flags to be seen, nor any indication that anyone is affiliated with the KKK. Nor, for that matter, is there any indication that the Israeli flag-wavers are “right-wing Zionists,” as opposed to people of whatever ideology appalled by Sarsour’s antisemitism-laden genocidal hostility to Israel. So, still a liar.

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