August 25, 2019

CANCEL CULTURE COMES FOR RENOIR: “Renoir’s Problem Nudes. An argument is often made that we shouldn’t judge the past by the values of the present, but that’s a hard sell in a case as primordial as Renoir’s,” says the New Yorker, in a classic example of what C.S. Lewis dubbed “chronological snobbery:”

C.S. Lewis coined the term “chronological snobbery.” It is defined as the belief that “the thinking, art, or science of an earlier time is inherently inferior to that of the present, simply by virtue of its temporal priority or the belief that since civilization has advanced in certain areas, people of earlier time periods were less intelligent.” If we add, “and therefore wrong and also racist” to this definition, we would have a perfect definition of today’s SJWs.

Historian Larry Taunton defines it as “imposing the mores of our own time on those who lived in another.”

“Cancel culture is spreading for one simple reason: it works,” Jon Gabriel recently wrote. “Instead of debating ideas or competing for entertainment dollars, you can just demand anyone who annoys you to be cast out of polite society.”

Or as Iowahawk tweets in response to the New Yorker,By current standards this now qualifies [former Attorney General John] Ashcroft as an art critic for the New Yorker, curator of the Met, and a tenured faculty member at Yale,” adding “The most amazing thing about the New Yorker article is the writer literally wants to get prurient art Banned in Boston.”

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