August 26, 2019

NICE: US Shale Natural Gas: Lowering Global Prices and CO2 Emissions.

Indeed, natural gas this year will supply nearly 40% of U.S. power, about double what it provided before the shale revolution. Gas is also the backup fuel to compensate for the natural intermittency of wind and solar power: gas is needed for when “the wind is blowing” and “the sun isn’t shining.” The U.S. is now reducing its CO2 emissions faster than any country on Earth: “Thanks to Natural Gas, US CO2 Emissions Lowest Since 1985.”

Looking forward, a rapidly expanding U.S. natural gas export business (via LNG) will offer more affordable, more flexible, more reliable, and cleaner natural gas to a too slowly developing world that requires all the modern energy that it can get. Today, some 85% of the world’s population lives in still developing nations, only dreaming of the access to energy and high living standards that we Americans have enjoyed for many decades.

American capitalists are doing the planet-saving work environmentalists can’t do — and they’re saving us money and expanding human activity, rather than costing huge sums and imposing new restrictions.

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