August 20, 2019

JOHN HINDERAKER: The Washington Post twists in the wind. “I wrote last night about the Washington Post’s drive-by smear of Katherine Kersten, a respected Minnesota journalist who writes for Center of the American Experiment. In an article that broadly covered pushes toward ‘equity’ in various local government units around the country, reporter Rebecca Tan misrepresented Kathy’s work on race quotas in school discipline. . . . In last night’s post, I reproduced the email that the Center’s Communications Director wrote to the Post, pointing out that its description of Kersten’s work was false, and demanding a correction. That drew a response from the Post’s local government and politics editor, Debbi Wilgoren, who made after-the-fact changes to the Post’s story but did not issue a correction. . . . Why won’t the Post stop misrepresenting Kersten’s work, and issue a correction to its false article? Because if it acknowledged what Kathy actually wrote, it would be obvious that its reference to her was a gratuitous smear that had no proper place in the Post’s story at all.”

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