August 15, 2019

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: The Latest Beto Campaign Reset Will Be the One That Changes Everything.

Beto wants to be the all-white Obama, but he just doesn’t have it. Obama’s one and only talent was lying with a straight face, telling enormous whoppers smoothly enough to fool enough people enough of the time. I didn’t like him and he didn’t convince me, but he was not a complete spaz like this guy. Beto is just off-putting.

But what else is Beto going to do? This is all he’s got. He has no marketable skills and nobody really likes him. He has nothing to lose by staying in the race. He’s never going to win, so he may as well drag down as many of his rivals as possible. He’s like a Democrat version of John Kasich.

Just kidding. The Democrat version of John Kasich is John Kasich.

Analysis: True. Read the whole thing.

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