August 15, 2019

HEY, BIG SPENDER: AOC ‘Quit’ Facebook in April, Spent $480,000 on Ads in 90 Days. “Torrid pace of Facebook fundraising blows past some presidential campaigns.”

Political advertising data from Facebook spanning the last 30 days shows Ocasio-Cortez spent over $130,000 on the social media network, almost all of it seeking campaign contributions, and currently has 490 active advertisements.

That level of spending made her the 47th biggest spender on Facebook in the last month, pushing her past some Democratic presidential candidates such as California senator Kamala Harris, who spent about $124,000 and former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, who spent a little more than $123,000.

Data from the last 90 days shows the AOC campaign was just shy of spending $480,000 with Facebook.

FLASHBACK: Only Ten of AOC’s Constituents Are Donors to Her Election.

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