August 9, 2019

THIS IS THE SAME GERMANY WHICH SHUT DOWN ALL ITS ZERO-CARBON NUCLEAR PLANTS: Germany may introduce ‘meat tax’ to protect the environment.

Currently meat in the country has a reduced tax rate of seven per cent but the Social Democrat party and the Greens are arguing that this should increase to the standard 19 per cent, with additional revenue spent on improving animal welfare.

“I am in favour of abolishing the VAT reduction for meat and earmarking it for more animal welfare,” Friedrich Ostendorf, agricultural policy spokesperson for the Greens told The Local website.

He said it mad “no sense” that meat was taxed at seven per cent while oat milk is taxed at 19 per cent.

It doesn’t make any sense. Isn’t the existence of oat milk punishment enough for those who have to drink it?

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