August 30, 2002

THE INTERNATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF FREE TRADE UNIONS, which claims over 156 million members, is protesting Sharia law in Nigeria. Excerpt:

In an address this week at the University of Bayero in Kano, Adams Oshiomhole, the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, firmly denounced the application of the Sharia (religious law) in certain northern states. He argued that its victims, who were almost always women and mostly poor, were increasingly being discriminated against. His statement specifically refers to the ruling of 8 August by the Islamic Court of Appeal at Funtua, in the State of Katsina, which sentenced Amina Lawal Kurami to death by stoning for bearing her third child after a divorce.

In a letter to the Nigerian ambassador in Brussels, the ICFTU also stressed its indignation and deep concern at the fate reserved for Amina Lawal Kurami by the Nigerian justice system. . . .

Moreover, the international trade union movement is deeply concerned at the growing number of countries introducing and applying the principles of the Sharia in not just civil, but also criminal proceedings.

This could lead to some interesting alliances.

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