July 25, 2019

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Here’s Why Cancel Culture Is Piling on Leonardo DiCaprio.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio need to start rethinking the way he chooses his film projects? It’s a topic many moviegoers [emphasis added] are discussing in the aftermath of a Hollywood Reporter article naming Leonardo DiCaprio the world’s “last movie star.” DiCaprio is one of few stars left in the industry whose name carries serious box office clout, but he hasn’t necessarily leveraged that star power to lift up women and minority directors. Guy Lodge, film critic for The Guardian and Variety, made a viral note on Twitter that DiCaprio has not worked with a female director since 1995.

Many movie goers? How many? Or is it just the staffers at left-wing movie outlets?

Indiewire is ready to condemn the actor, no doubt. The story cites a couple of film journalists and indie actress Zoe Kazan to back up its case, one the site’s readers mostly mocked.

Once again, an actor’s IMDB page is shot through a woke filter for maximum outrage.

The Montagnards always turn on the Girondists, to coin an Instaphrase. What’s noteworthy here is that DiCaprio is among the Girondists.

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