July 23, 2019

MODERN PROBLEMS: US Air Force Is Likely Getting The Weirdest Briefings About The Planned Raid On Area 51.

Given that the plan quickly went viral (which led to some incredible memes), somebody immediately pointed out that a US general was likely going to get a crash course on exactly what a Naruto run is. The Naruto run is a particular style of running, a reference to the manga and anime series whose protagonist Naruto Uzumaki runs with his arms stretched out behind its back. And while we don’t have evidence of the top brass in the pentagon getting this talk, there are pictures showing that some in the Air Force at least are getting a crash course on what a Naruto run is.

People on Reddit have pointed out that this might not be a serious exercise, but rather a training opportunity on how to give good briefs even on silly subjects. Although this is probably the case, many want to believe otherwise.

Whatever happens (or doesn’t) with the Area 51 raid, making plans for people doing dumb stuff inspired by social media is probably pretty smart.

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