July 17, 2019

RICHARD FERNANDEZ ON TRUMP AND THE DEMOCRATS: “This provoked spontaneity keeps the Democratic Party from presenting a unified front and communicating through carefully prepared spokesmen in controlled venues, a system that served them so well in the past. It also keeps them from getting their story straight. As Time Magazine notes ‘lying can be cognitively demanding. You must suppress the truth and construct a falsehood that is plausible on its face and does not contradict anything known by the listener, nor likely to be known. You must tell it in a convincing way and you must remember the story. This usually takes time and concentration, both of which may give off secondary cues and reduce performance on simultaneous tasks.’ Lying is hard work. In a rapid exchange people can accidentally tell the truth. . . . By forcing the pace Trump obviously hopes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her companions will blurt out their unvarnished reactions. In velocity veritas and it seems to be working.”

Which is disastrous when your strategy is built on lies.

Plus: “What a scene it presents. On the one hand are a group of people who think America is the source of all evil that should spend the rest of its historical existence atoning for mischief it has loosed in the world. On the other hand are a group who believe that for all its faults it is the greatest country in the world and that those want to destroy it should go back to Somalia. Whichever point of view you subscribe to (or neither) it’s hard to deny that these factions have existed for some time and are only now coming to grips. . . . In retrospect the psychological center of American politics must have been fraying for a long time.”

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