July 16, 2019

ROBERT GEORGE CALLS ON CONSERVATIVES TO BE MORE COURAGEOUS:  May I add that this is especially needed in the area of race-, ethnicity-, and sex-based identity politics?  You’ve never seen terror until you’ve asked a Member of Congress or Congressional staff member to do some tiny thing to help stem the tide of this destructive trend.  “Deer in headlights” doesn’t do justice to the look.

The current identity-obsessed state of the nation isn’t just a cultural change.  It is the result of law and policy.  The left has passed federal laws and instituted policies that beg people to think of themselves as members of victim groups.  Perfectly sound laws have been interpreted by courts and agencies to mean to opposite of what they say.  All the while conservative leaders ignore it, because they haven’t thought enough about it to recognize the long-term consequences or because they understand completely, but are afraid to speak up.  Until something is done to change significant parts of that body of law and policy, things will not get better.

(Here is an extremely minor example.  This bill should have been a no-brainer, but when opposition was voiced from an ill-informed civil rights advocate, who clearly didn’t understand the bill at all, it died.)

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