July 14, 2019

OWN GOAL: As Democrats Fight A Civil War, Trump Strips Naked And Runs Onto The Battlefield.

The Democrats are currently embroiled in a civil war so damaging that you have members calling each other racist and threatening to primary one another. For the first time since their election, the self-described “squad” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her minions are on their heels, not sure how to react to the fire they are taking. Even the liberal media are infighting about which side to take as the volleys are launched.

Meanwhile, the economy is booming and President Trump is enjoying one of the more positive stretches of his tenure.

Well, he was at least. For some reason, he thought it would be a good idea to wake up this morning and tweet this.


If I could ask the President one question, it’d be this. Why make it so difficult for those who are trying to get you re-elected?

Democrats are collapsing in on themselves. All he has to do was sit back and not distract them. Instead he rips his shirt off and runs out on the battlefield screaming to be shot at. I know, 3-D chess and all that, but this just makes no sense.

I agree, but is there some 3-D chess going on here? Have at it in the comments.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): This is barely even 2D chess. Trump is pointing out that these “it” girls are ungrateful asses who don’t like America. By not naming them, he’s forcing their defenders, and his critics, to admit that they’re ungrateful asses who don’t like America before they can even talk about the issue. This isn’t hard. But if you want more, there’s this way of putting it: All the Democrats have to do is not be crazy, and Trump’s making it impossible for them to do that.

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