August 21, 2002

ATRIOS IS COMPLAINING that the “impeach Norm Mineta” campaign doesn’t go far enough and lets Bush off the hook. Gee, I thought I’d been pretty clear about the opportunities this presents for the Democrats, or would present if they didn’t have an instinct for the capillary. Jay Caruso isn’t impressed with Atrios’ critique, but I did respond to it in Atrios’ comments section (which has now disappeared) (UPDATE: It’s back again.).

Yeah, Mineta works for Bush, and yeah, Bush should fire him. But as I said earlier, “impeach Norm Mineta” makes a better slogan, and does a better job getting the message across.

If the Dems had sense they’d attack air security the way then-challenger Malcolm Wallop did OSHA: he had a commercial in 1976 in which an announcer read from an OSHA reg about toilet facilities at outdoor worksites, then cut to a shot of a cowboy with a portajohn strapped to his horse’s back. He beat a three-term incumbent with that approach, and I feel sure that airport security is more vulnerable to this sort of thing than OSHA.

There’ll be more on this in tomorrow’s FoxNews column.

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