June 22, 2019

IF YOUR HATRED FOR TRUMP EXCEEDS YOUR HATRED OF POINTLESS WARS: You have some serious problems. It’s about a week behind, but here’s a “must watch” clip of Tucker Carlson calmly, rationally, and factually praising Trump for not starting a war with Iran.

Look, I can’t bear the idea of an Islamic theocracy anymore than the next person (and a Jew at that) but this would not be like swooping in on Grenada. Anyone with a lick of military experience would tell you this would evolve into a debacle we’ve seen before, with horrific loss of blood and treasure.

Of course, the deepest sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome egging us into war are never the ones who pay with their lives on the line. To them, our soldiers are (to paraphrase John Kerry) expendable idiots who are not smart enough to marry rich condiment heiresses.

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