June 18, 2019

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Why 3 Woke Comedy Flops Won’t Stop Hollywood.

This year isn’t half over yet, but we’ve already seen three comedies brimming with social justice posturing.

• “Long Shot” resembles a standard rom-com, but the love story repeatedly pauses for progressive bromides.

• “Booksmart” riffs on the “Superbad” formula, but with female students sharing feminist talking points and empowerment mantras.

• “Late Night” stars Mindy Kaling as a Millennial trying to crack the all-male writing team for a talk show legend. Her character rails against the “patriarchy” and demands diversity … or else.

“Long Shot” under-performed with a $30 million haul. “Booksmart” fared worse, managing a measly $19 million to date. “Late Night’s opening weekend proved dismal, too, with a $5.1 million haul.

See a pattern here?

Yeah. Not a whole lot of humor in those comedies.

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