June 16, 2019


As a former cast member at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, the fact that Disney in particular is joining in the boycott is very disappointing, and CEO Bob Iger has put himself in an impossible position by saying it would be “very difficult to do business in Georgia,” mentioning that a lot of people who work for the company don’t like it.

It’s possible that he’s talking about the mainly left-wing executives at the company, including Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn. If that’s the case, so be it. But with all due respect to Iger (and I have a lot of it as a Disney shareholder and a longtime fan), he might want to think about alienating conservatives by caving into pressure from his Hollywood peers. It could be very bad for, not only the movie studio, but the theme parks as well with new themed areas based on the Star Wars franchise opening at Disneyland and Disney World this summer.

Visit Disneyland and Disneyworld while you can — there’s a good chance areas such as Liberty Square and Main Street USA will be radically transformed and/or airbrushed into oblivion in the coming decades.

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