June 14, 2019

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Heather Mac Donald asks, “Who ‘Deserves’ to Go to Harvard?” A dean at the university tells graduates all success stems from inherited privilege and chance:

Rakesh Khurana opened his Class Day speech to graduating seniors with a summary of the changes at Harvard over the previous four years. He omitted two in which he played a central role: the removal of law professor Ronald Sullivan from oversight of an undergraduate dorm and the effort to banish single-sex social clubs. Mr. Sullivan’s legal representation of rape defendant Harvey Weinstein had put the “well-being” of Harvard’s students at risk, Mr. Khurana announced earlier this year, and the single-sex clubs perpetuated “spaces that are rife with power imbalances.”

* * * * * * * *

Graduating from Harvard, contrary to what its students and administrators may think, is not the sine qua non of a good life. But if Mr. Khurana is so troubled by the systemic inequities that allegedly enable some Harvard students to attend, he should have directed the Class of 2019 to send their alumni donations to less-favored schools. Harvard chases alumni dollars with a zeal that is bracing to behold. It can never get enough, despite an endowment of $39 billion generated by participation in the capitalist system.

Harvard must believe it deserves that money.

Perhaps Mr. Khurana was speaking in code, like a Vietnam War-era American P.O.W. Have we checked to see if his eyes weren’t blinking the following message in Morse Code? To reduce inequality, abolish Ivy League.


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