June 13, 2019

JON GABRIEL: Biden, Trump, and the New Normal.

Politicians love fighting the last battle. Every four years, we see a slew of candidates relitigating the last presidential race, often using the same strategy that lost the previous time.

This trend is dominant in 2019 with the rise of Biden’s candidacy and the continuing rear-guard battle by anti-Trump Republicans. Joe’s main message is a return to the supposed normalcy of 2008-2016. “Know what I was most proud of?” Joe said Wednesday, “For eight years, there wasn’t one single hint of a scandal or a lie.”

Hey, there’s a lie right there. Has it never occurred to him that the Obama years are what created Trump?

To admit that would require the kind of reckoning the Democrats simply aren’t prepared to do. Maybe what they need is another four years of Trump.

And do read the whole thing.

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