June 11, 2019

MISSED IT BY THAT MUCH: Bill Maher tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo “that political correctness has become a ‘cancer on progressivism,’” adding that “’The vast majority of liberals in this country hate it,’ Maher said. ‘They think political correctness has gone way too far.’”

Leftists such as Vox’s Carlos Maza are thrilled to use PC as a weapon against conservatives. They’re only angry when it’s used against them, ala Alinsky’s Rule #4 and often by their fellow leftists, as the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, and Mark Lilla, a Columbia professor who wrote The Once and Future Liberal, a 2017 jeremiad against identity politics that led to a colleague at Columbia accusing him of “contributing to the same ideological project”’ as David Duke, have discovered the hard way.

Or this leftwing author, banned today by his fellow “Progressives” at Twitter, because his book cover featured the stars of the American flag with little Klan hoods in them:

As of the time of this post being written, Neiwert’s account remains suspended. The Daily Beast notes that “The type of ban likely means that Neiwert could change the image on his profile and be reinstated—but he said he is refusing to do so ‘on principle.’”

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