June 10, 2019

ADVICE FROM KURT SCHLICHTER: Ignore The Never Trump Losers Who Are OK With Liberals Winning. “There’s a debate going on inside conservatism between the insufferable sissies who insist that we Normals are morally obligated to submit to being crushed by the leftists who hate us and want us enslaved or dead, and actual conservatives. Maybe I’m simplifying this intellectual dispute a bit – wait, no I’m not. You either want to defeat the liberal elite that despises us or you don’t.”

Plus: “Understand that the civility and decency requirement applies only to us, and it operates only to restrict our ability to accurately describe and aggressively fight our enemies. It does not apply to our betters’ conduct toward us. . . . Similarly, we are also morally obligated to submit to the loss of our rights. When Steven Crowder was demonetized by YouTube because he uttered words the elite disapproves of, I immediately began my countdown to the Lido Deck League validating it. I didn’t have to wait long.”

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