May 30, 2019

THE 21st CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: White Women Can Now Go To Dinners So That They Can Be Shamed For Racism.

Race To Dinner is co-founded by Colorado resident Regina Jackson. Jackson is a self-employed real estate broker, according to her Facebook page. Her bio on the website talks about her life growing up in Chicago during the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., the Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner murders, and other violence “perpetrated on innocent people” by white people. This is why she is driven “to push for real change in America,” and why she agreed to be a co-founder, the website says.

[Saira] Rao ran for Congress in 2018 and the website says that she is a racial justice activist. After she lost the primary, she tweeted that she should “give up on white people” with a link to an opinion piece that she wrote for the New York Times. She also said that she was taking her children and moving out of Colorado because of all of the racism that she was subjected to.

What’s for dinner? On the menu is “sounding off about what it’s like being a Black and Brown woman in this country” and “how white women cause harm every single day,” the group’s Facebook page states.

Just reverse the races, and it’s a reminder that the mainstream left are increasingly a mirror image of the alt-right. Also, a few months ago, Peggy Noonan warned, “Get ready for the [Mao-inspired] Struggle Session” — and this fits that description perfectly. (No word yet if Mao-era dunce caps are on the invitation’s dress code.)

The Red Guard parades an official through a Peking street and force him to wear a dunce cap as a mark of public shame. He is the member of an anti-revolutionary group and, according to the writing on the cap, he has been accused of being a political pickpocket. This picture was made in the Peking on Jan. 25, 1967 and was obtained froom Japanese sources in Tokyo. (AP photo and caption.)

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