May 22, 2019

CREEPY PORN LAWYER UPDATE: Avenatti Stole Stormy Daniels’s Book Advance, According to Indictment.

Related: “He once threatened The Daily Caller with a defamation suit, messaging the reporter that ‘this is the last warning.’ His girlfriend through much of his year in the spotlight, Mareli Miniutti, recalled that he rarely put his phone down and would scroll through all of his Twitter mentions. ‘He would say, ‘Oh my god, this asshole said this and you know what I did? I fucking blocked that motherfucker.’ Behind the scenes, his behavior was even more volatile. ‘He had a terrible temper,’ one prime-time anchor told me. ‘He never lost it with me, or really with any of the talent, as far as I know, because it was mostly for the bookers or the people who were behind the scenes. But he would tell people, ‘I’m going to fucking bury you. Why the fuck would you do that?’ if he didn’t like something.’ A number of reporters recalled that he would physically invade their space. ‘His nose gets millimeters from your face and it’s clear he knows no boundaries,’ one broadcast reporter and producer told me.”

As Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner tweets, “Turns out a lot of our media knew what kind of guy Avenatti was before they told the rest of us. They put up with it, because they liked what he was selling.”

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