May 18, 2019

BOLD, INDEPENDENT LEADERSHIP: Buttigieg Backs Out Of Dave Rubin Interview After Media Backlash.

As Rubin tweets, “My invite for @PeteButtigieg remains. If he caves to Media Matters, Vox and HuffPo that isn’t a good sign for a presidential candidate. Doing what’s right often means standing up to the mob.”

To be fair, I can certainly understand why Democratic Party operatives with bylines want to limit Buttigieg’s exposure to interviewers: “Buttigieg compared Christianity to radical Islam on Friday during a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt.”

Buttigieg made the remarks when Hewitt asked him which form of Islamic extremism he thought posed the greatest overall threat.

“Do you find Iranians’ variant of Shia extremism to be more dangerous to the world than the Sunni variant that we see in the Taliban and perhaps in Hamas and some of the more radical elements of Wahhabism?” Hewitt asked.

“Well, you know, not unlike Christianity when it is motivating someone to do something extreme,” Buttigieg responded. “It can have a thousand different flavors.”

Deplorable, as Hillary would say.

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