May 17, 2019


The prerecorded disc market is about to disappear. At some point in the near future, UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and standard DVDs will no longer be sold by Amazon and other retailers because most content will be available for streaming in very high definition.

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When the day comes that only a handful of major streaming services – Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and soon Disney and Apple and others that fund the creation of content and control the content that you are able to view — then some films and television series that are now or in the future considered politically incorrect will begin to disappear.

It’s not just the work itself being considered “politically incorrect,” the left wants entire oeuvres of problematic men tossed down the memory hole, no matter the actual product. With Maoist Cancel Culture in full bloom among the modern left, a lot of stuff is going to be disappeared. Or as Christian Toto writes at the Hill, Could problematic films eventually be pulled from home video and streaming services? Sound hysterical? It’s currently in vogue to tear down statues that don’t align with current groupthink. So why would pop culture artifacts be spared? In fact, it’s already been done.”

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