May 9, 2019

THE 21st CENTURY ISN’T TURNING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: Liquid Death sells water to tech bros who are too cool for alcohol.

A 12-pack of Liquid Death 16.9-ounce tallboys is $21.99 on Amazon.

What’s in the cans festooned with dripping golden skulls and the tagline “murder your thirst”? It’s 100% non-carbonated mountain water sourced and canned in the Alps. No flavoring but with a slightly alkaline pH of 8.2.

It’s the latest venture from former Netflix Creative Director Mike Cessario, a product designed to resonate with “extreme” teetotaling crowds that eschew alcohol and drugs.

On Tuesday, Cessario announced he had raised an additional $1.6 million for his canned-water startup from big names in tech including Dollar Shave Club founder and CEO Michael Dubin, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and Away co-founder Jen Rubio, bringing total funding to $2.25 million.

The announcement follows a growing trend in the U.S. beverage market. Bottled water was the most successful mass market beverage category in 2018, with nearly 14 billion gallons sold.

Still though, as Sonny Bunch tweets, “I would watch eight years of a Mad Men style prestige drama that culminated in this ad being the final scene.”

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