May 3, 2019

FREE LOUIS FARRAKHAN! By banning, Twitterbook and Instaface are becoming publishers:

Poor old Louis Farrakhan. There he was, happily vomiting hatred as one of the talented tenth of octogenarians who can navigate a Facebook page, doing no harm other than to Jews, white people, race relations, and the minds of the morons who follow him — and then he’s expelled from the kingdom of Zuckerberg along with Milo Yiannopoulos. It’s the stuff of Farrakhan’s nightmares: purged by the minions of a white Jew, and cast into the media wilderness with a gay Trumpist.

It couldn’t have happened to a nastier person. Actually, it could, but it won’t. There are even nastier people that Farrakhan on Twitterbook and Instaface, but they do their vomiting in languages other than English. If you don’t speak English, you remain irrelevant to the censors in the high castles of California. If you do speak English, or can at least concentrate hard and approximate it in 280 characters, then the tightening of social media censorship means you are on probation, now and forever.

Read the whole thing.

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