May 1, 2019

DUMBASS ART STUDENTS WANT CAMILLE PAGLIA FIRED. Because they’re dumbasses. “It is rare for student activists to argue that a tenured faculty member at their own institution should be denied a platform. Otherwise, the protest tactics on display at UArts fit with standard practice: Activists begin with social-media callouts; they urge authority figures to impose outcomes that they favor, without regard for overall student opinion; they try to marshal antidiscrimination law to limit freedom of expression. David Bernstein described this process in his 2004 book, You Can’t Say That.”

The “authority figures” should tell them that they’re dumbasses, too. They need to learn that their behavior is unAmerican and unacceptable. And they need to suffer sufficient opprobrium for their behavior that others will be deterred. Here is their petition. The comments in support are deeply embarrassing, to higher education in general.

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