April 30, 2019

NEO: Why the international NY Times didn’t think twice about printing that anti-Semitic cartoon.

When the international version of the NY Times decided to publish an anti-Semitic cartoon by the Portuguese cartoonist Antonio Moreira Antunes, it was just following a long-established European post-WWII tradition. Antunes has been in the anti-Semitic image business for decades, and won an award in 1983 for his appropriation of a Warsaw ghetto photo, changing the victim of Nazis into a Palestinian victim of Israeli Jews. For this, Antunes received the top prize at the 20th International Salon of Cartoons in Montreal.

Note that word “international.” The international community, of which western Europe is a big part, has not only been exhibiting this sort of anti-Semitism for a long while (even post-WWII, I mean) but rewarding it.

As Mark Steyn once wrote, “The old joke — that the Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz — gets truer every week.”

Related: Ace of Spades notes that “You can tell the New York Times was totally sincere in apologizing for the first Jew-baiting cartoon because they ran a similar one within 48 hours. It’s a calculated insult — it’s designed to let you know their apology was obligatory, but Jews are still Oppressors and will continue getting the Oppressor treatment.”

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