April 23, 2019

PEOPLE WITH GLASS INHERITANCES SHOULDN’T THROW STONES: Roy Disney’s granddaughter thinks Bob Iger’s paycheck is ‘insane’.

Iger is rich because he creates wealth for Disney shareholders, and creates value for the public at large. Roy Disney’s granddaughter is rich ($500 million net worth!) because she’s Roy Disney’s granddaughter. I know who I think is less deserving of the money.

UPDATE: The fact that Iger, unlike the Disney granddaughter, actually worked for his money doesn’t necessarily mean that he “deserves” his full and immense salary. But it’s worth noting that since Iger took the helm at Disney in 2005, its stock has beaten the (tech-heavy!) S&P 500 by about 50%, or an extra $80 billion or so for Disney shareholders.

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