April 17, 2019

DON’T WORRY, HE’S JUST “ANTI-ZIONIST”: New Mexico coffee shop closing after backlash to owner’s anti-Semitic rant.  “Michael Palombo, owner of V Roast Bistro, admitted to writing a since-deleted Facebook post in which he referred to Jews as ‘f–king animals that deserve everything that has happen to them and don’t deserve our sorrow for what has happen to them.'”

Then there’s this: “Palombo’s Facebook page shows that he’s not shy about his political opinions and he does have opinions about Israel. ‘I haven’t spoken out against Jews but I’ve spoken out against Israel and their occupation of Palestine,’ he said.”

It’s a remarkable coincidence how many people who hate Israel turn out to also be raging antisemites. Which is one reason why very few people who claim to be pro-Palestinian actually seem to care about the welfare of actual Palestinians, but only in using them as a propaganda tool against Israel.

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