April 15, 2019

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Thou Shall Not Talk About 9/11 and Much, Much More. “Recently, a video was revealed of Jew-hater Rep. Ilhan Omar dismissively talking about the 9/11 attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists, describing the perpetrators as ‘some people’ who did ‘some things.’ The attack left almost 3,000 people dead, and many first responders sick and dying. But, you know, just ‘some things.’ Omar was properly admonished by a horrified public. But, wait. Not everyone was horrified by Omar’s remarks, they were horrified that people were horrified by Omar’s remarks. ”

They’re providing cover for a fellow Democrat, no matter how odious.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Pay attention to how tight the messaging is in defense of Ilhan Omar and how precise and consistent the wording is from media, politics, academia, etc.

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