April 13, 2019

CHANGE: Fifty-two local Democrats, including county commissioner, leave the party in three days.

Bullard confirmed that his switch was from Democrat to Republican, making him the second Republican commissioner on the seven-member board. Commissioner Edwin Russ changed his registration from Democrat to Republican on Dec. 10.

“It’s getting to where the Democratic Party is not like it used to be,” Bullard said Thursday to explain his switch. “It’s full of Muslims and full of people who believe in aborting babies up to the ninth month of pregnancy and even my pastor has been encouraging me to change my affiliation because of some of the Democratic Party beliefs. It was something I had planned on doing for a while. I hadn’t gone ahead and done it but, when the Jody Greene issue came up, I figured the time to do it is now.” . . .

“It’s a combination of what’s going on in Washington and what’s going on with the county with the sheriff’s race. People are just getting tired of it. It’s a lot of things and I think the sheriff’s race was just the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Hinson said. “I think a lot of people realize the Democratic Party is not the party it used to be and it doesn’t look like they will ever go back.”

Saturday’s courthouse rally will include speeches from Hinson and Greene, and Hinson said any elected officials who attend will be invited to speak. He estimated the event could last as long as three hours.

Maybe making Ilhan Omar and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi the face of the party was a bad idea.

UPDATE: Now it’s over 70 Democrats who’ve switched.

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