April 3, 2019

THEY TOLD ME IF DONALD TRUMP WERE PRESIDENT, SMARMY OPPORTUNISTS WOULD BE TRYING TO SCORE RELIGIOUS POINTS. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! Pete Buttigieg questions whether Trump believes in God. Actually, aside from smarmy political hypocrisy, Buttigieg here is engaging in one of the most common heresies, the belief that Christianity is based on being nice. From the comments: “This is the very definition of casting the first stone, when you aren’t without sin yourself.” One might also suggest that it is not very humble for the mayor of South Bend, Indiana to think he should be the next President.

Plus: “I’m not reluctant to ask: Is Buttigieg’s commentary humble or arrogant? Does it seem like something that would be said by somebody who believes in God? And would you like to rate everything any politician does or says according to how closely it accords with a belief in God or your understanding of whatever religion the politician professes? I’ll suggest a scale from 1 to 5.”

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