March 24, 2019

AT LONG LAST, HAVE LEFTISTS NO DECENCY? NO DECENCY AT ALL? SPOILER: NO. Conservative TV host accosted at Trump Hotel over son’s suicide.

BlazeTV host Eric Bolling was accosted while dining at the Trump International Hotel by a passerby who said the conservative was responsible for his son’s death last year.

On Wednesday night, as he dined with friends, Bolling said that a man on a cellphone walked by his table and said that his son, Eric Chase Bolling, 19, “killed himself because he was embarrassed by his dad.”

Outraged by the “hateful moron,” Bolling jumped up and followed the unidentified man, his phone switched to video, and challenged him over his vile comments.

“It was a drive by hit on me,” Bolling, host of “America,” said.

The attack was just one of many conservatives claim they have been subjected to by those angry with Republicans and President Trump.


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