March 22, 2019


Posting a video to YouTube, [Avi] Yemini reveals that he set his phone down secretly and began recording the interview, knowing that he would be made out to look like a horrible person.

What he also caught on footage, however, was [Jim] Jefferies doing and saying things that degraded Islam that the left would be horrified by, especially in the wake of the Christchurch shooting.

Jefferies draws the prophet, Muhammad, before calling Islam dangerous. He also said wearing a burka is stupid, and compared Islam to a dingo. Then proceeded to say that if a dingo ate a Muslim baby it would likely vomit it up.

Jefferies wasn’t worried about saying any of these things, as he openly admitted that he never looks bad in his interviews.

In September of 2008, after Charlie Gibson of ABC’s deceptively edited his interview with Sarah Palin, Glenn warned “Bring Your Own Camera.” Over the years, Comedy Central’s Daily Show slanted interviews with numerous conservatives so badly that in 2016, Megan McArdle, now with the Washington Post, was succinct: “Don’t Ever Appear on ‘The Daily Show.’”

Not without your own recording to allow others to see how the ransom notes are cut together, that is.

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