March 15, 2019

CYBERSECURITY: A new rash of highly covert card-skimming malware infects ecommerce sites.

Researchers on Thursday revealed that seven sites—each with more than 500,000 collective visitors per month—have been compromised with a previously unseen strain of sniffing malware designed to surreptitiously swoop in and steal payment card data as soon as visitors make a purchase.

One of those sites, UK sporting goods outlet, had been infected since November and had only removed the malware in the past 24 hours, researchers with security firm Group-IB told Ars. The remaining six sites—,,,,, and—remained infected at the time this post was being reported. Ars sent messages seeking comment to all seven sites but has yet to receive a response from any of them.

I do as much of my shopping online as is humanly — er, electronically — possible. But even I find myself wondering how long before we regret giving up bricks and mortar and cash.

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